Skincare and Beauty


As you may know, I love keeping a regular skincare routine, using face masks, hair masks, bath bombs. 

I often get asked what I use so here are some of my favourite skincare and various beauty products.

I'm obsessed with the Mario Badescu skincare range, it's inexpensive, has awesome packaging and I'm so happy with the results of each product. This cream soap moisturises and cleanses your skin so well, the mask pictured in the far left is so refreshing, I always spray my face with the facial mist on the far right and the little drying lotion is the most incredible spot fix ever.

I love face masks, but in particular I am obsessed with sheet masks. They are super cheap, easy to apply and you don't even have to wash them off, just rub the excess product into your skin. These are some of my favourites. You can buy them from Asian beauty stores, Sephora and online. 

I love these hand creams, Tony Moly and Grown Alchemist are a couple of my favourite beauty brands and how cute is the packaging! 

And lastly, these are my favourite perfumes. Chloe rose, Gypsy Water, and my little Diptyque solid. 

Thank you for reading this week's post, comment below what your fave beauty products are !

India X x


  1. Lovely pictures! Some of my favourite beauty products include Lip Smacker lip balms (delish flavours!!), The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus body spray and the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree face wash. I love the photos <3
    -Elsa :)

    1. Hi Elsa! Wow thanks so much for your comment! K will be sure to check out those products, the tea tree face wash sounds so nice! X

  2. Gorgeous post India! My favourite skincare range is definitely the dermalogica clear start range :) Your skin is so lovely and I always admire it in your photos! Xx

    1. Thank you so much Pip! I adore the clear start skincare range too! All the products smell amazing, actually work ( heheh ) and they have such cool packaging :) xx

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