Back to school with indiakitty + DIY

Hi Kitty Readers ! 

To be Honest, I am REALLY not looking forward to school . I can't wait to see my wonderful friends though.

Holidays are like the best thing ever, why do they have to end ?! 

What DOES make school a lot better is, adorable school supplies, and bento boxes, and I am going to show you mine right now . 

Stationery - 

I just LOVE stationery !! Especially cute stationery, and  Kikki. K is essential for back to school .  

Lunch time - 

Last year, I decided I would make a bento box lunch everyday ! I just LOVE making sushi, healthy cakes and chocolates to put together an adorable lunch . 

These are the cutest containers ever for school snacks !  

School bag - 

I love filling my adorable back packs with every day school needs, like lip balm, purses, Miffy keys, tissues and Shopkins ! 

Books - 

This year I covered my books with a cute and simple  theme of silver and pink hearts ! 

Back to school DIY - 

Today I am going to show you how to make wonderful pencils that all your friends will be jealous of . Haha but seriously cute stationery is easy to create with some Posca pens or washi tape (I washi taped all of my glue sticks too) 

What you need is 

- plain wooden pencils 

- posca pen or any permanent marker 

- mod podge or any other glossy glue (optional)

Design away ! Finish your design with a thick coat or two of mod podge ! 

Thank you for reading this week's post, and good luck with back to school !

What cute things do you have for school or your desk ? 

India X x 


  1. I loved your back to school diys!!!

  2. All your back to school stuff looks adorable- cute stationery definitely make school a little bit better!

  3. I just love your cute DIY's and your AWESOME STYLE!
    And, I couldn't agree more! School is HORRIBLE, and it sucks even more when you have the following:
    1) Horrible teachers
    2) Bogan, loud, annoying, rude (everything bad) kids around you
    I have only ONE DAY left of holidays, and I care so little that I haven't got everything yet...

  4. I hope you have a great school year @Just a Girl - a new year can certainly bring new teachers and new friends.

    Cute post India. My faves are the I Love Lunch lunchbox and the Miffy keyring. I have on my desk a cute new pink tape dispenser - which I love !

    Carolyn x

  5. I have the same pencil case and I love this post super cute