Meetup at Indiakitty HQ !

Hi Kitty Readers ! 

Recently I held a meet up at my house with some of my best friends, Zali, Poppy, Stella, Paris, and Roro ! 

Here are some photos ! 

Crafting ! So much fun !

Photo credit to Rosie, busy taking photos ! 

Love this shot of the whole table , so cute !

This punch was SO yum ! 

We had the best time ever ! So so so much fun !!!

We ate yummy food, drew on canvas bags and pencils with Posca pens, took lots of photos, looked through art and craft books, blew bubbles,  talked and shared ideas. 

It is so lovely to meet up with such kind and fun and creative people.

Can't wait to get together with you girls again soon ! 

Thank you SO much for reading this post. 

What have you been up to lately ?

India X x 


  1. ahh! Very beautiful and very stylish, and very, very crafty! You guys have such great taste!!
    Just a Girl xx
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  2. It was so much fun thanks for so much fun !

  3. It looks like so much fun and wonderfulness! Hope you girlies had a good time! Check out my blog! www.missangelblog.wordpress.com ! Xx Angie