Going dotty

Hi Kitty Readers !! 

I just LOVE confetti, and recently I went to a confetty exhibition where you stick confetti dots all over ... Everything !! 

So so so so so much fun ! Here are some photos ! 

Adding a dot to the crazy wall ! 

GIANT confetti dots ! Eeeeek ! I need these !

Confetti cups ! 

Relaxing on a dotty lounge ! 

Making a dotty phone call ! 

Overwhelmed by the dots 

YAY for confetti !!! 

Thanks SO much for reading this week's post ! 

See you next sunday ! 

What are you absolutely dotty over at the moment ?

India X x 


  1. When I first heard of the GOMA doing this art piece I INSTANTLY THOUGHT OF YOU! I knew you'd love it ;)
    Just a Girl xx
    {anonymous blog}

  2. This is absolutely adorable!
    I love Goma :)
    x Madie