My Week in Pictures

Hi Kitty Readers !!! 

Oh . My . Gosh ! Only 4 sleeps until Christmas ! 

That is so exciting ! 

There has been so many exciting things happening this week , so... 

am going to show you my week through pictures ! 

1. Happy Mail day ! 

I received this amazing parcel from my best friend Ella  ! OMG ! Best Christmas wrapping EVER ! 

Thank you so much wonderful Ella ( if you are reading this heheh ) I cannot wait to unwrap these goodies on Christmas Day.

2. In a Pickle 

One of my besties, Rosie, came with me to the most wonderfullest cafés in the world . 

Called " In a Pickle " ! 

Why I loved it so much : 

1. Pickle is my favourite word 

2. The food was SO good 

3. I was with Roro ! 

3. Country Road 

I love Country Road SO much . 

I could seriously buy every thing in there !!! 

I absolutely love my new bathers ! Thanks Mama ! 

4. Snow

I absolutely adore my fake snow from Kikki.K ! 

Thanks for modelling Minty the fawn . XO 

5. A Very Moggy Christmas 

I wrote this little Christmas activity and story book, for myself to look at when I am older ! 

My nickname is Mog, so I called it A Very Moggy Christmas ! 

I filled this book with cute photos, drawings, word searches, stories and poems ! 

6. Swims 

I absolutely love relaxing swims on a hot summer's day ! Wearing my Country Road togs ! 

Thanks for reading this week's blog post ! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

What have you been up to so far these holidays 

India X x 


  1. What an awesome week you've had ! Iap was SO fun ! ����
    Love the idea of a Christmas activity book !
    And minty the fawn is SOOO cute ! Did you make him ? Rosie x

  2. I love this SO much !!! its so wonderful YAY ! lately I have been swimming LOTS, being super utterly excited for christmas, cleaning and re-decorating my room and eating yummy summer fruits ! xo