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Hi Kitty Readers !

Recently on Instagram I asked you all to ask me some questions. Here are a selection below .

What inspired you to make a blog ? (from nat_fash_)

I was inspired by other great Bloggers, Instagram pages, Youtubers and I really enjoy writing stories and taking pictures. 

How do you get inspiration to make blog posts? How do you get ideas? (briannahh1998)

I am inspired by magazines like Frankie and Peppermint, artists and art galleries, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, family and friends. I get ideas by just thinking of fun or interesting ways to do things every day. For instance, instead of a boring normal school lunch I try and make a Bento lunch and then I blog about it. 

Have you got any advice for new bloggers ? (Frances Mai)

I am a pretty new blogger myself, so I still have lots to learn (I have been blogging for 9 months). I think you should be yourself,  be original, take your own bright colourful photos and lots of them, find your own style and plan your posts. I have a blog folder and a blog planning book so when I think of ideas I write them down and plan out what I want to do. 

If you were to go on a holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go? (brookehutchesson_)

On the way to Paris, on a Hello Kitty plane, I would stop off in New Zealand and Tokyo. On the way home from Paris, I would stop off in India and Africa. New Zealand looks so beautiful, Tokyo seems so fun and I would buy Sonny Angels and cute little things and try out amazing foods, Paris I have always dreamed of going to - I would climb the Eiffel Tower and go to Laduree for patisseries, wear a beret and wear stripey t-shirts. India is my namesake and they have amazing vegetarian food and wonderful colours and lastly Africa - I would love to visit the Giraffe Manor in Kenya. 

If you could have any super power for a month, what would it be ? ( nat_fash ) 

Definitely mind reading. Imagine reading your teachers mind and getting ALL the hardest questions correct in class, or mind blowing your friends by asking them what they are thinking about and getting it right EVERY time ! That would be so fun. 

How many blog drafts do you have that are not published ? ( h.e.b.o.k ) 

Usually 2 or 3 as I do blog posts in advance so I can click publish on the day I want to do a blog post. 

What country am I from ? ( alexia_munro ) 

Well, I am definitely not from India haha ! I am lucky enough to be from Australia ! 

If you could only take 3 things to a desert island, what would you take ? ( caroberry1 ) 

1. I would take Nico my cat. 2. A shopping centre so I can have a life time supply of cat and human food . 3. Posca pens, so I can draw on coconuts.

What are your dreams for the future ? ( aselizaslept ) 

Definitely to be happy, work towards being a Vet or Doctor, blog and do crafting in my spare time and own lots of cats. 

If you had an unlimited shopping budget for a day, where would you go ? ( deersanddaisiesblog ) 

I would definitely buy Hobes and Doc Martens, buy the entire Cute range from Kikki K ,  buy my family a house in Bangalow and give trillions of dollars to people less fortunate than me. I would probably also donate trillions of dollars to cancer research .

How old were you when you started blogging ? ( aislinn_hawkins04 ) 

I was about 6 or 7 when I started blogging on my old blog ( which I unfortunately can't find the URL for ) but as I said before, Indiakitty blog is only 9 months old. 

Favourite blogs ? ( ladriguava ) 

Blame the cat blog, Utterlyella blog , Beau fluer blog , Miss Zali blog, A little Birdy , Vanilla craft, hazz berry blog, Akward Alpacas, Popcorn and Paisley, Studio DIY, Oh Happy Day . 

One blogger who you really want to meet ? ( taylahlily ) 

Chloe Larkin probably . She really inspires me and I love her blog ! It would be so cool to meet her ! 

 Five Favourite patterns ? ( awkwardalpacablog ) 

1. sprinkles , 2. triangles , 3. leopard print , 4. dots , 5. plus signs ++ 

What is your favourite Store ? ( heyeline ) 

This question is SOOO hard to answer !! Just one ? that would have to be a combination of Kikki K , Daiso , Country Road , Leo and Bella, Poppies for Grace, Six things, Typo  and Yoghurt Zone . 

CDs or records ? ( dannywiddicombe ) 

What kind of question even is that ? obviously records ! 

Have you ever been overseas ? ( pj_punk_princess ) 

actually no I haven't ! I REEAALLYY want to though ! 

Confetti or unicorns ? ( pj_punk_princess ) 

Ok so this is the hardest question so far. Obviously I am the confetti Queen ( as you can probably tell by my Instagram ) but Unicorns are so magical . Can I choose unicorn confetti ? ( image courtesy of want that wedding ) 

If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be ? ( utterly ella ) 

Watermelon. x

A totally random fact that none of us know about you ? ( utterly ella ) 

My nick name is Mog .

Where would you like to live when you're older ? ( yemagz ) 

Byron Bay - beautiful beaches, great shops and wonderful food. 

What is your favourite day of he week ? 

Friyay ! Because I was born on a Friyay and I love going to the park with my best friends every Friday afternoon . 

Thanks for reading !

What are some fun facts about you - share them in the comments.

India Xx


  1. Thanks for answering my question!
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hi Frances !

      You are very welcome !

      India X x

  2. Love the sound of your world trip. Can I come too ?