DIY fimo necklace

Hi Kitty Readers ! 

I just love Fimo, its so great when you are making badges , jewellery, pots and lots of other things too . ( see my tutorial on how to make Fimo pinch pots ~here~ ! ) 

So today , I decided to make cute necklaces out of pastel coloured Fimo and here's how to make it ! 

What you will need ~ 

~ Fimo or any clay 

~ string 

~ skewer 

Step 1 

Roll your Fimo into balls and carefully poke large holes in them big enough for the string to go through but still making sure that they hold their shape . 

Step 2 

Put your Fimo balls in the oven on 110 degrees celcius for thirty minutes or wait for them to dry if you are using air dry clay . ( air dry take around 24 hours ). 

Step 3 

Take your Fimo our of the oven and thread it onto your string ! 

You can even make mini ones for your Sonny Angels ! 

What crafty things have you made lately ? Are you a Fimo fan too ? 

Thanks for reading ! 

Keep it peachy ! 

India X x 

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  1. Cute and I love the mini version for your Sonnys !