Art prints !

Hi Kitty Readers ! 

Today I thought I would show you my favourite art prints ! 

I just love art prints, They look so cute In your room. 

Pear print from ~fine little day

This print is so cute, I love the colours together and how the pear has a face .

Peach and gold fox print ~society 6

I love this fox because its so simple and sweet. 

Eyes from ~fine little day

This is such a simple, pretty print and suits all colour schemes ! 

Peach and gold leaf mountains ~ Laura  Blythman

I really love how Laura Blythman uses gold leaf in her art, it looks so cute ! 

Jessica Neilsen Milkshake print from ~ leo and bella

This milkshake is very cute and colourful .

Be you ~ society 6

I love the polka dots on this simple art peice .

~ omm design ~ fur and glasses cat 

I have this print in my room and I really love it .

Mountain ~miniwilla

This is such a wonderful simple print. 

Prints gathered together in a gallery style in frames (Ikea does great ones) look so great or even simple washi tape stuck on the sides looks amazing. See my washi tape post for ideas on grouping art prints together . 

What are your favourite art prints ? 

Thanks for reading ! 

Keep it peachy ! 

India X x 


  1. I absolutely love your blog and the peachy writing!

  2. These are so pretty! Love this post!
    xx Harper

  3. Cute post. Particularly love the furry cat, Be You and Milkshake prints.