Meeting utterly ella !

Hi Kitty Readers !

I have the most wonderful pen pal ever, her name is Ella and you can check out her blog ~here~ and her instagram ~here~ and last week ... on the 3rd and 4th of July , I met her ! It was so amazing and fun meeting Ella in person and she is so great and even  better than I imagined ( and a little bit taller ) ! 

Here are some of the kind of things pen pals do when they meet !

They eat pink donuts and wear pineapple glasses by the beach .

They do gymnastics on the beach .

They see adorable animals at Sea World .

They scream at Wet 'n' Wild .

And of course pose for photos wearing matching clothes ! 

Thank you so much Ella for being such a wonderful Pen Pal and sending so many letters !  I  hope to see you again soon ! Xx

P.S  please please follow our new shared Instagram account @thebppclub we post photos of our pen pal letters, donuts, confetti and lots of other inspirational images from a Pen Pal's point of view. We will also be doing occasional giveaways and lots of letter swaps which is basically where, you say you want to contribute and you get Instagram direct messaged someone's details. They then send you a letter !

Do you love writing snail mail ?

Thanks for reading !

India X x