My week in pictures

Hi Kitty Readers !

I have had a wonderful week . I hope you have too.

Today I will be sharing my week in pictures.

I tried out a new hairstyle.

This week I went to my yoga class and did some practice at home too.

I did some painting.

I started reading The Tale of Desperaux. It is great !

I bought some cute things with my pocket money.

Nico liked Ellie (Sonny Angel) 

Our yellow front door was featured in Inside Out Magazine.

I went out for lunch at Pearl Cafe. 

 I made some Yummy bento school lunches.

I went for a drive

I made a little lounge room for my Sonny Angels. Thanks Hannah for your lovely crochet work - it makes a cute rug !

And I had a sushi train dinner with Mum and Dad while my brother was at school camp. 

That was my week. 

What have you been up to this week ?

Thanks for reading 

India X x 


  1. hello india ! i just LOVE this post SOSOSOSOSOSOSSOSOOOOOOOO much !! you are soooooo flexible too ! and you got ANOTHER sonny angel too ! so lucky :-( anyhoo, i LOVE sushi too and i LOVE your sonny angel house too !! hehe i love ALOT in this utterly wonderful post !! byeeeeee x x x x ps i can't wait to FaceTime tomorrow !

  2. Love your watercolour minis.

    Majee x