Holiday plans

Hi Kitty Readers !

Happy School Holidays (if you live in my part of Australia) . I love the holidays - lots more time for craft, yoga and the beach.

I love making lists and every school holidays I always create a wish list of things I want to do, make and achieve.

Here's my list for these holidays.

 I have already started my scarf project. I was just taught to finger knit by my friend Josie. It's so much fun and very addictive. Here's a little demonstration. 

Afternoon Treats and picnics.

Some hoop embroidery. I am sewing lots of small things I like. Including - ice creams, pineapples, donuts and watermelons. I will show you when I am finished. 

A wonderful sleep over with my friend Josie. Josie lives in New Zealand and came over to Australia for a quick visit. It was so lovely to see her. 

What are you planning on doing this holiday ?

Thanks for reading !

India X x

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  1. I love the holidays. I have three days off next week and I am planning on:
    - going to the beach
    - reading magazines
    - drinking lots of coffees
    - going to cafes
    - taking photos
    - hanging out with my family

    Majee x