L a t e l y L o v i n g

Hi Kitty Readers!

Thanks for stopping by.

 Here are a few things I have been lately loving.

I have been wearing these candy land printed leggings a lot lately.

Lately I have been drawing lots of tiny pictures with black fineline pens . I love drawing themed collage pictures, this theme is craft . 

I really love reading, here are 2 of my current favourites.

I love Sonny Angels. I got my first one  in Melbourne about a year ago and slowly I have collected more ! 

My first one was the panda that I named Pipi then I got a Peach which I named  Peachy then Purry the cat and my latest one is Gum Gum the koala ! 

Lately I have been loving Pinterest ! I have had Pinterest for a few years now , but lately I have been using it more often. I love Pinterest because it's creative and inspirational. My Pinterest username is Indiakittyblog.

Thanks for reading ! 
Tell me in the comments below what you are loving lately.

India X x


  1. Lately I have been loving.

    - Gold polkadots on everything especially cups, plates and walls
    - Navy blue nails
    - Leopard print but I always love leopard print
    - My black bag that I got for Christmas
    - Toasted seed loaf with avocado topped with a poached egg
    - All the shoes at Seed Heritage
    - Ice cream anything - decorations, prints
    - Lips - they are the next big thing !


  2. Loving the rights India! They're so fetch!!!

    The unicorn biscuits are to die for! Think you should make them!!!!