Bento boxing !

Hi Kitty Readers !

I have really been loving Bento Boxes lately - cute lunch boxes with compartmented food and snacks. I wanted to add some things to my Bento box collection so today I went to a wonderful Japanese shop called Daiso.

If you don't already know, Daiso is an adorable store where everything is  $2.80. I bought lots of cute accessories for my lunch box at Daiso. If you don't have a Daiso where you live , another option for cute snack boxes and cutlery is Ebay . I just LOVE the cute and colourful packaging in Daiso . I hope you enjoy my little collection . Here it is !

And here is how I like to use my goodies !


     I love having cloud shaped sandwiches in my bento box !

Fun Fact : A Bento box is 
a decorated Japanese 
lunchbox .

I hope you enjoyed my Bento collection ! 

Thanks for reading!

India X x


  1. india, this is wonderful! :)
    do you know if they are available in the u.s.?

    1. Hi chloe ! Thanks so much for the lovely comment ! I think you could definitely find bento boxes and accessories in the u.s , also try on ebay and at dollar stores . And , I had a look on Google at "bento box usa " and lots of sites came up . : )

  2. Are you lactose intolerant? I am! xx angie