Back to school with Indiakitty

Hi Kitty Readers !

It's the last day of the holidays, and I have had so much fun !
I have been doing lots of cartwheels, I have learnt to do the splits, I have been to a yoga workshop, had trips to the beach, met a wonderful new Pen Pal , I made a lot of fruit salads , I had fun with my friends and I created  a blog !

I am really looking forward to starting back at school, I have a Mr Teacher (my first male teacher) and I am in a class with my best friends hooray ! Plus we get to do gymnastics at lunchtime.

Here are a few of my Back to School Essentials.

School Book Covers

I covered my books in white contact (it was a messy job with lots of bubbles) and then stuck pink and some gold polkadot stickers  all over. Lastly, I added a cute pink and white name label from Stuck on You.

Lunch Time Favourites

I really want to make my lunches cute this year so I have lots of fun little containers, fruit picks and a cloud shaped sandwich cutter. I am also really in to Bento boxes and as I have some cute things coming in the mail I will do a post on that soon.

Stationery Wonderfulness

I love stationery. Here is just a small selection of things I am taking to school. I also have some cute pencils which my friend Pearl and I decorated over the holidays with Posca pens (you can see them on my Instagram account) which I will be taking along too.

Are you looking forward to heading back to school ? What are some of your favourite stationery items?

Thanks for reading !

India X x


  1. I love love love stationery. When I was little I used to collect cute rubbers and letter writing sets. I love the cute diaries and stickers at Kikki K and I love some of the one off cute things at Typo - especially the scissors and desk accessories. I hope you have a great first day at school.

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