This, That and Things

 Hi everyone !

It's been a busy week, new school and lots of homework ! Here's what's been happening recently, things I love, new purchases :


These are some funky bedroom purchases from H&M - loving the hands and bright colours ! The Home section of H&M is my favourite. 

As you may know I am an avid pen pal, this card set from Donna Wilson is so perfect for me.

Loving this delicate bracelet from Sportsgirl ( especially since it was on sale ! ) 

Here's a little what's in my bag photo for you- loving my denim backpack with white trim from Pavement .

Had a fun day with Elke, went to the city, ate vegetarian burritos and had a lovely wander through Gorman. 

Thanks for reading this post ! 

Leave a comment below of what you have been up to recently, I would love to know ! 

India Xx

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