Wardrobe Planning

Hi there, 

As the seasons change and we start looking forward to cooler weather, I thought I'd share with you some of my new clothes and favourite looks for Autumn. These are all great mix and match pieces.

Blue and white striped sweater- Country Road. 

I love stripes, they go with EVERYTHING. Can't wait to wear this with jeans, skirts and my grey Bonds trackie pants with my Adidas originals. 

Pavement floral skirt. 

I'm loving the seventies cool vibe at Pavement at the moment. This skirt I plan to wear with stripes and my Adidas originals. 

Denim Jacket from Cotton On. 

So great to throw over everything and bought on one of their 30% off sale days.

Adidas originals - Glue store.

I saved and saved for this purchase, they were so worth it. Comfy, cool and look good with jeans, skirts and dresses.

Grey sweater - H&M.

As much as I love colour, I also love simple, minimalist clothing, and this is a great staple piece. 

Gorman socks . 

Colourful socks are an all year round favourite for me. 

Jumper from H&M . 

This jumper combines a few favourites of mine, grey, white and stripes. Perfect with chambray or colourful pieces. 

Metallic lace ups from Seed.

These were a bargain- on sale for $20. Can't wait to wear them with stripey tights and skirts.

Yay !! I saved for so long for this Gorman jacket, I tried it on a million times, longed for it in the Gorman windows and finally bought it on sale over Christmas. It is so gorgeous and will be worn to death !

Some of my other staples to wear with the above  includes, dark denim skinny jeans, Bonds grey slouchy track pants, stripey  and block colour t-shirts, chambray skirt, pants and shorts, colourful skirts and lots of socks and tights.

Coming soon in the mail;

Had to share with you my new purchase heading to me in the mail. How exciting ! Can't wait to wear this.

I like to mix and match and clash prints, I like simple and colourful and I like to mix the very cheap with a few expensive pieces. If I buy something expensive I SAVE like crazy for it, find it on eBay cheaper, or buy on a sale day. 

What have you got planned for your Autumn/ winter wardrobe ? 

Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

India X x 

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  1. Love the Pavement floral skirt.

    Harriet x