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I've had a few requests for a hair care routine post on here.. so here it is ! 

Here's  a few of my hair essentials: 

I am obsessed with this hair care treatment from Sportsgirl, it leaves your hair feeling silky and soft,  it smells so good and I give it an A+ for packaging. I put this on my hair every two weeks. You just leave it in for around 30 minutes and it gives my hair a great conditioning treatment. 

Last year my Mum went to Morocco and she brought me back this wonderful Moroccan hair oil, made from almonds ! It smells amazing and gives your hair a nice, shiny finish. I use this every day before brushing my hair and it keeps the ends from splitting. You don't need to go to Marrakech to buy Moroccan Oil - there are lots of Moroccan oils available here in Australia. 

These is my favourite shampoo and conditioner set, it's the Argan oil of Morocco by ogx - I love it ! It smells amazing, and moisturises and softens you hair, I definitely recommend. I wash my hair every two to three days with this. You can buy them at Priceline. 

If you don't have time to wash your hair, or simply want some extra volume, the Batiste dry shampoo is so great. I have it in the original scent which smells so fresh, but you can also buy it in different designs and fragrances. The bottle sizes also vary, I have it in the baby travel size, so cute . Available at supermarkets and chemists. Also great to refresh your hair after playing sport. 

And of course my hairbrushes, I love them both ! The " All about Hair" one is from Sportsgirl and the dotty detangler one is from Forever 21. I have very thick and long hair and I spend a lot of time brushing and brushing and brushing........and brushing. 

Drying - I tend to just air dry my hair. It is so thick that it takes too long to attempt using a hairdryer. I do have a Turbie Twist (special little towel for your hair) which I use straight out of the shower when it is wet and that helps with the drying process - like I said the curse of thick hair means it takes FOREVER to dry. 

If you don't want to buy a hair treatment there are lots of lovely ones that you can make at home with simple ingredients. This one is a favourite of mine:

Avocado and Honey Treatment

In a bowl mix:

one egg yolk
half a cup of honey
two tablespoons of olive oil
two small avocados (mashed) 

Apply the treatment to hair and leave on hair for one to two hours until it hardens. Then rinse and shampoo and condition. 

Thanks for reading this week's post, I hope it was helpful ! 

Comment below and let me know your hair essentials or tips.

India X x


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