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In recent months I have really gotten into the planner community. I was lucky enough to receive a really cute Kikki.K planner for Christmas. Using a planner or dairy is so great for back to school to keep on top of school work and after school activities!  I love being organised and planning, using washi tape and cute stationery, so today I am going to show you how you can make your planner, journal or even just your school diary look really cute. 

Here's my planner :

I have the Kikki.K Cute Time planner, and I love it so much ! It has a really cute layout, and unlike the other Kikki.K planners, this one has cute little pictures on the planning pages ! As well as Kikki.K I have also seen some cute planners at places like K-Mart and Target and Little Paper Lane have a wonderful selection.

Making your planner or diary fun : 

Polaroids and pictures of friends and family are wonderful for sticking in your planner ! Photos make your planner very personalised and interesting. 

Washi tape and deco tape work so well in your planner, they help to make it colourful and fun. I buy deco tape at places like EBay, Danda and Kikki.K. Washi tape can be purchased at Little Paper Lane, The Card Shop, Rabbit and the Duck and places like Danda and Daiso. 

You can also buy planner stickers for really cheap prices, on EBay. I love planner stickers because they have pictures that are relevant to the activity you listed ! Plus everything looks better with stickers - Kikki.K, Blank Goods, Target and Danda have some cute ones at the moment.

Thank you for reading this week's post. I hope it inspired you to make your school diary or planner look cute. If you want to get started there are lots of fun videos around that are really inspiring and I love the ones on the Kikki.K Youtube. 

Comment below how you like to decorate your planner, diary or calendar , I would love to know !! 

India Xx 

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