Socks, Socks, Socks

Hi everyone ! 

Yesterday I bought a wonderful pair of clear, confetti socks , which inspired me to write a post featuring some of my favourite socks. I have a bit of a thing for socks (check my seven days of socks post back from earlier this year) 

Here are my  confetti socks - aren't the awesome ?!?!

Pink triangles on my amazing doughnut rug. 

Ohmygosh duck socks are so super wonderful, even Sonny's love them.

Spotty, clear GORMAN socks + cute candy = happy India 

Ok maybe I am obsessed with Gorman, clear socks, but they are so awesome. 
So cute with Saltwaters - yay socks and sandals! 

Thanks for reading this week's post ! 

Are you a sock collector too ? What is your favourite fashion piece ? 
Comment below !

Happy Sunday 

India X x


  1. I love socks too! My friend also has an entire drawer and a half filled with socks. I love my pineapple socks at the moment though x maybe you'd like to look at my blog. I haven't been blogging for very long and after I'd done my first post I came across your blog. I love it already! X
    MadiMelon xx

    1. Hi MadiMelon,

      Thanks so much for the comment I will definitely have a look at your blog, thanks xx

  2. Socks and sandals look horrible! Stop giving so-called "style advice" to your readers. I suggest you should be off doing regular kid stuff than trying to help real people on the internet.

    1. Hello, If you don't appreciate the content I create, you can leave my website. Have a nice day