Hi Kitty Readers ! 

I have had such a fun weekend ! Yesterday I went to Goma, I had so much fun and I took lots of photos to show you ! Here they are : 

Here I am in front of some cute pastel paintings !  I Love the colours. 

We can make another future - art after 1989

This Hey Ho Let's Go, kawaii van was one of my favourite art pieces , it was filled with lots of cute bits and bobs ! I loved it. One day Ella and I need to have a road trip in this ! 

I just loved the simplicity of this work, made from Japanese stamps and fingerprints. 

This colourful spot of TV test pattern was so cute .

I had so much fun doing hundreds of walkovers outside Goma ! I love this action shot ! I am so lucky to have Goma in my city - it is such an inspiring place. 

Thanks for reading this week's post ! 

Do you love going to inspiring art museums ? Comment below ! 

India X x