Hi Kitty Readers ! 

Recently I have been knitting ! I taught myself to knit a few weeks ago by watching a Youtube video !

It is sooo much fun, and I have already taught one of my besties, Rosie how to knit too ! 

Here we are  knitting and listening to Lorde ! 

Here are some things I have made ! 

Sonny Angel scarves and skirts ! 

These are so cute and fun for your sonny angels to wear ! So adorable ! 

Meet Clarence and Checkers - the two monster friends 

These cuties were so fun to make, and make a great little gift ! 

And of course  Bowie the bunny ! 

Bowie is super adorable and the cutest little handmade friend !


I love these super cute smiley needles from Spotlight , and those pretty dotty needles from a local knitting store . 

Here are some of my favourite knitting/ crafting books ! 

Made by Me is a wonderful knitting and sewing book with lots of adorable DIYS and cute ideas ! 

Sew la Tea Do is more of a sewing book, but it has some adorable DIYS in it and plenty of inspiration for your knitting !! 

Knitting is super easy and lots of fun. Go to your local Spotlight or shop like KMart and pick up some knitting needles and some wool. It's cheap you can start off with just $3 or $4 needles and a $2 ball of wool. Then check out some how to knit tutorials and off you go. 

Thanks for reading this week's blog post, all about knitting ! See you next Sunday for another wonderful post ! 

What new craft have you got in to lately ? Do you knit ? 

India X x 


  1. I love knitting! I've made lots of really long scarves and sometimes I knit using toothpicks and embroidery thread to make dolls clothes. I'm really hoping to get into needle felting and I ordered a kit on etsy but it hasn't come yet...

    Bowie is a very adorable bunny- its so wonderful all the things you can make when you learn a new craft <3

  2. Ahh, those knitting needles are super cute! Good luck with your knitting India :)