This + That

Hi Kitty Readers !

The holidays just started where I live *h o o r a y *, so I have been doing some pretty fun crafts and other activities ! 

Here's whats been happening at  Indiakitty HQ this week  . 

Reads : 

Some serious reading . Recently got these books and they are SO amazing ! 

DIY time : 

I just LOVE crafting, tea, sprinkles and succulents so this giant pot plant mug I made is the perfect match for me and my bedroom ! I bought this ginormous  mug from Spotlight and I drew the sprinkles on with a black Posca pen ! 

I have been making Sonny Angel pants ! Spotty pants are just too cute . I also made a very cute hedgehog I have called Olive - will show you a pick on Instagram. 

Out and about : 

I went out for a juice, wearing my favourite Essie nailpolish . 

Nico the Birthday girl : 

My wonderful, adorable cat Nico turned 3 this week ! Yay ! Nico always looks so serious in photos (she likes to pose) Check out my Instagram giveaway where Nico gives YOU the present  - Entries close this coming Wednesday! There have been so many great entries, thanks so much for playing along. 

I got to eat the cake ! Love this watermelon tshirt from Country Road too ! 

Pocket money purchases : 

This watch was $2.80 at Daiso ! You can't get much better than that ! Twinning with Lily and 
Annie ! 

This cute calculator was another bargain at $2.80 from Target ! I also bought a very cute bunny nightlight. 

Thanks for reading this weeks post ! 

Next week I am going to do a Q & A on my Blog - leave a question  on Instagram if you want to ask me something.

What have you been up to ? 

India X x 


  1. I have the same watch from daiso ! <3 you have the cutest sonny angels :)