Roomspiration - wall decals + DIY

Hi Kitty Readers ! 

Today I am going to be showing you my second addition to my roomspiration series ! 

Wall Decals !

Wall decals are such an inexpensive  and fun way to decorate a wall in your bedroom. In my bedroom I have one wall with small black dot decals that I bought from the Cotton On Room Range. 

I love that these decals go on the wall easily and come off easily too making them simple to change - I might get the Cotton On pink hearts next.

If you have some washi tape (make sure it is the proper paper kind or it will take your paint off) you can also make your own designs - big crosses would be simple to make and look great. Below are some walls I created with Washi tape.

I kind of like that the washi tape looks a little wonky and handmade.

I just love triangles !

Cute hearts in neon pink - I love black, white and pink.

If you want to buy decals they come in all sorts of amazing shapes, sizes and colours. Here are some that I found around the Internet. Decals can be purchased from Cotton On, Little Paper Lane, Etsy, Lark Store and loads of other places.

Photo courtesy of Honey and Fizz - I just love the gold.

Photo courtesy of Little ville - watermelons so cute

Photo courtesy of Good Regards 

Photo courtesy of ftfloral on Instagram . Flamingoes are a favourite of mine.

Do you like room decals ? Would you try them in your room ? 

If you make a washi wall, remember to post it on Instagram and use the hashtag #indiakittydiy ! 

Thanks for reading !

India X x


  1. I love all of those decals especially the black cactus ones, I also liked how your sonny angels matched the wash tape


  2. oops *washi tape not wash tape

    1. Thank you so much !

      I love the cactus one too ! X x

  3. i love the watermelon wall decals and the flamingo ones too. i love your washi tape idea!

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