DIY party hats for sonny angels !

Hi Kitty Readers ! 

I just love Sonny Angels ! They are so cute colourful and funny . They look cute in your room , they are fun to play with and you can make hats and clothes for them ! 

This is Peachy she is from the fruit collection , my dream is to get the pineapple and strawberry from this set . Did you know that you can't see the Sonny Angel you are buying as each one comes in a surprise packet ? 

This is Pipi he is my very first Sonny Angel and he is my favourite . Out of the animal collections I would really love to one day find the fawn , the pig, the seahorse, the rabbit and the sheep. In Australia, Sonny Angels cost  between $10 and $14 each. 

This is Kitty . Did you know Sonny Angels love macarons ? Lots of  people ask where I get my Sonny Angels from . Here are some suggestions of  where to find them ; Cocoon in Paddington Brisbane , Some General Pants stores (the one in Bourke St Mall Melbourne has them) , Wax Jambu in Bangalow , My messy Room Sydney , and online at  Leo and Bella 

So in celebration of the Queen's Birthday holiday today my Sonny Angels wanted to celebrate so I thought I would make them some party hats.

Here's what you will need to make these cute party hats !  

step 1 : cut out your paper into a triangle , pinch the top and it will curl into a cone . 

step 2 : tape and cut it to size. 

Step 3 : hot glue or tape a mini pom pom to the top of your hat ! 


I hope you enjoyed this post and make some mini party hats for your Sonny Angels or any of your favourite cute toys ! 

Do you love Sonny Angels too ? Which are your favourites ?

Thanks for reading ! 

India X x 


  1. This is so cute India. I LOVE Sonny Angels. These would also look adorable on top of a cake. I think my favourite one could be the rabbit.

    Majee x

  2. sonny angels are sooo cute !
    my sister has got the rose one.

  3. Oh so many cute Sonny Angels! My kids would love making clothes for their Sonny Angel collection.