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Hi Kitty Readers !

I love eating and drinking healthy foods , so today I thought I would show you 4 recipes for super healthy fruit infused water ! I love these drinks because they are very healthy , yummy and look cute too !

Here's  what you will need to make this yummy water !

- water

- lots of different fruits 

- a chopping board 

- cute straws 

- mint leaves 

Refreshing Recipe #1 

Tutti fruitty salad !

Step 1 : chop up lots of different fruits , I used mandarin , lime , lemon , mint leaves , watermelon , pineapple , grapes and strawberries ! 

Step 2 : add your chopped fruits to a glass of water . You might choose to add rose water or use soda water instead .

Step 3 : enjoy your healthy drink ! 

Refreshing Recipe #2 

Water melon mint suprise ! 

This one is my favourite , its so delicious ! 

Step 1: cut up some watermelon into little cubes and pick some mint leaves . 

Step 2: pour water or soda water into a cup ( maybe add a little rose water ) and enjoy ! 

Refreshing Recipe #3

Kiwi lemon lime ! 

Step 1 : chop up some kiwi fruit , lime and lemon 

Step 2 : pour the fruits into a cute cup , and add some water and a straw ! Enjoy ! 

Refreshing Recipe #4 

Perfect pineapple lime and mint ! 

Step 1 : chop up some pineapple, lemon and mint .

Step 2 : pour the fruit in to a cup with water or soda water . Add a straw and enjoy . 

You could even think of some of your own recipes , use frozen berries or maybe even freeze some cut up fruit into ice cubes on hot days !  

What are your favourite food and drinks ?

India X x 

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  1. yum india ! what a wonderful post ! i love it ! i am going to make this soon :) and i love the photos and the mini kewpie dolls :D xoxo