Sunday crafternoon - pinch pots

Hi Kitty Readers

Today I will be showing you how to make these cute little pinch pots.

Here is  what you will need for Project Pinch Pot. 

You will need: Fimo or other air dry/oven bake clay (you can buy this from craft and art stores), some mini succulents or baby cacti, a small bowl of water. Optional: string and a skewer if you want to make a hanging pot. 

Step 1:

Roll your Fimo clay in to a neat ball. If the Fimo is feeling a little sticky or dry use a tiny bit of water on your hands to soften it up.

Step 2:

Pinch and shape your pot. Remember to add a little water if you need it.

Step 3:

If you want to hang your pot up you can make some holes with a skewer and add some cute string. Once your pot is shaped let it dry (following the instructions on your Fimo or clay). Once dry add some soil and a baby succulent or cacti.

The finished Pinch Pot

I love how they look a little handmade. I just wanted white ones to match my room but you could use coloured Fimo, or even paint or gloss your clay. You could also make patterns on the clay before it drys.

This tiny one is so cute.

Do you think you might make a Pinch Pot ? They are so easy and so cute I hope you have a go. What have you been crafting lately?

Thanks for reading and always remember if you ever make any Indiakitty craft projects send them to me at theworldofindiakitty@gmail.com or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #indiakittyblogdiy
I would love to see your craft creatiions !

India X x

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