Rachel Castle's studio


I'm super happy to have a family friend that is friends with one of my favourite designer's, Rachel Castle. Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to have a peek into Rachel's studio, have a chat with her and take some photos. It was really interesting to see an artist's workspace and even have a look at some of her new products in the flesh. Sadly, you can't bug her at her studio as she doesn't have it open to the public as she's super busy working on new things.

As for Rachel herself, she is fun and friendly just like her artwork.

Every inch of Rachel's workspace is an inspiration.

Mood boards cover all of the walls, such wonderful colour and inspiration.

Wonderful gallery walls.


Rachel creates wonderful pieces of art, using paint, embroidery and screen printing. One day I will buy a painting but for now I have lots of cute and affordable pieces via her website, go check it out here.

Thanks so much for having me Rachel, you, your work and your studio were a great inspiration. 

Thanks for reading this week's post. If you don't know Rachel's work go check her out. 

India X x 

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