Packing for Sydney


It's finally the holidays!! I'm so excited to hang out with my best friends, go swimming, listen to records, have picnics, have a lemonade stand and go on trips. On Monday, I'm going on a little to trip to catch up with my best friend Ella, go to the Frida Kahlo exhibition and watch the new Beatles movie. I love packing for exciting trips, so i thought I'd share with you some of my must-have travel essentials.

Carry-on essentials

I love feeling comfortable and being entertained on the plane, so I always pack some lip balm, wear comfy clothes, take my fave mag and obviously bring the essentials ( phone, wallet, sunnies ) with me too.


I always look at the weather forecasted for the dates of my trip, so I can be prepared with the right clothes. I'm packing a few of my casual and fancy faves for my trip to Sydney, including my favourite shirts from Gorman and Dangerfield, my Adidas superstars and my favourite denim skirt. I'll also pack a straw hat and sunnies to accessorise my outfits.

Beach must-haves

I'm also going to pack my favourite Jett togs, Castle & things towel, round sunnies and straw hat for the sunny, beach days. 


I'm going to pack my gorgeous nude cosmetic case from Country Road, filled with my beauty and skincare essentials. Click here and here to see my previous posts about my skincare and beauty faves. 

Thanks for reading this week's post. Check back next Sunday for a photo diary of my Sydney holiday. 

Thanks for reading, what are your packing essentials? 

India X x 

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  1. I always have my phone (of course) and I love packing a magazine such as Frankie, my vasaline rosy lips lip balm which is lovely and has a slight pink tint and also a water or a nice drink such as an iced tea in my carry on. I'm heading away in a few days so will be packing similar things too! I always take my favourite seed heritage tops though! I love your blog! Xx