Reading Recommendations


I just love reading, so today i thought i'd pick some lovely reading recommendations. Here  Is the link to my older book recommendations post if you'd like to have a read of that too. 

This book is '' Raymie Nightingale'' by one of my favourite authors, Kate Dicamillo. I love the cover art, this is a great read.

These are some of my favourite arts and crafts books; Sanil mail by Michelle Macintosh, a wonderful book about the lost art of letter writing, and it even includes cute stickers at the back! The other book pictured is '' Hello Tokyo'' by Ebony Bizys. Cute diys, tips and photos are spread across the cute pages of this tokyo, art and fun guide. 

" Looking for Alibrandi " is one of my favourite books. I love the remake of the cover, it's so cute and simple, and just a great book. I definitely recommend that you have a read of it! 

This is " Auggie and me ". I was so excited when i saw this in my local bookstore because it is the sequel to my all time favourite book, " Wonder". This book features three view points of Auggie's friends. Definitely read " Wonder" first and if you enjoyed it, this will not disappoint! 

Thanks for reading this week's post, I hope you find these recommendations helpful! Comment below what your favourite books are, i'd love to know.

India xx


  1. I love reading <3
    I agree with you; those cover designs are adorable ;) and hey, I'd don't know if you're open for post suggestions, but I think it would be awesome if you did a post on the Snail Mail and Hello Tokyo books :D
    -Elsa :)
    P.S Omygosh I included so many emoticons

  2. I love Matty Forever and Billy Rules - fab books, easy reads and seem light hearted but still touches a nerve. Definitely recommend and I read it over and over again; ever since the age of 7-8 - I'm 13 now. I'm actually reading MF as we speak! ✨��✖️������

    1. wow thanks for this comment ! ♡ I'll have to read them xx

  3. Hi India, It's Millie's mum here. Thanks for the book suggestions! Her birthday is coming up and I had looked at some of these books but wasn't sure if I was making the right choices. You have given me the confidence to buy them. Thanks! Bec x