Crafting and Creating

Hi ! 

Over the past few days I have been crafting and creating so much ! I have really enjoyed working with new techniques and perfecting old ones. Here are some of my recent creations. 

I love watercolour, I have this visual journal that I fill with watercolour paintings of fruit, people, plants, patterns. I use the aqua brush ( two are pictured 
above ) which holds water inside of it. You squeeze the water from the brush onto the watercolour palette and start painting ! This is such a clever invention, I love how it combines the brush and the cup of water that you usually would need to use, definitely recommend ! 

I have really been loving using my sewing machine and have enjoyed  making these little pouches. I bought a few zippers and fabrics from Spotlight and I had so much fun putting these together. I made three pouches of different sizes, they are perfect for holding your phone, sunnies, gift cards/ debit cards, spare change and you could even make big ones for your clothes to sit inside a suitcase while travelling. 

I have always loved hand sewing, and I tried embroidery last year, so I thought that when my friend Elke came over, we could embroider pillowcases ! I did a fruit salad pillowcase and I love the end result ! All you need is a plain pillowcase, some thread and needles, an embroidery hoop and some scissors. I got all of my supplies from Spotlight. 

Elke and I also had fun in my backyard painting while listening to some good music and sipping on delicious watermelon smoothies, good times. 

The last project I did was to create some  Sonny Angel pants. You could say that SonnyAngels alone are a little "bare" so I decided to dress my Sonnys. You can use felt or cotton for this project and I had a great time stitching it together. 

Thanks so much for reading this week's post, comment below what projects you have been working on ! I would love to know and maybe even try them out. 

India Xx