Hi everyone, 

How are you ?

 I am so excited for the summer holidays.  Yay ! 

Here are some fun things that have been happening recently, enjoy.

Pool party with Rosie:

Last  weekend I had a little pool party with one of my closest friends Rosie ( aka awkwardalpacablog ) we had the best time blasting some tunes, and diving into her glorious new pool ! ( we also blew up this GIANT flamingo floatie  for like 3 hours... ) 

Thank you group goodies : 

You have probably heard of thank you group, you know, the amazing company that exists 100% to fund life changing projects. 

Thank you is such a simple yet wonderful brand, that sells yummy muesli bars, body care and bottles of fresh water. 

Here are some photos of my favourite thank you products. 

Here are the yummy bars, my favourite is the cranberry and coconut, YUM ! 

Pictured above is the patchouli and vanilla hand lotion by thank you, and it is so wonderful . I keep it on my bedside table and it always keeps my hands soft and smelling nice .

Here is the geranium and rosewood body wash by thank you, and I particularly love the packaging for this one, so cute ! And it smells amazzzzzing ! 

And last but not least, is the patchouli and vanilla hand wash, similar to the hand lotion, but I keep it by my bathroom sink .

Cool Bananas -

How cool bananas is this t-shirt ?! So obsessed with this Seed top this week and this Cotton On Free denim skirt is a winner too. 

Christmas Wrapping-

If you came here from my Instagram, you would see that I have been wrapping Christmas gifts for my friends lately ! I am obsessed with these colourful wrapping papers .

Here are the gift tags I bought from Finders Keepers market !! So cute .

I love the taco haha .

Rabbit and the Duck-

I LOVE these Rabbit and the Duck stamp stickers ! They are so perfect for my kikkik planner ! I am also a sticker and washi tape addict so I love all the goodies at Rabbit and The Duck - stationery heaven. 

Rosie Rosie Lou- 

Rosie Rosie Lou is a small business with large amounts of cuteness. These cards are so great, you've gotta love a good pun. Check out their Instagram account rosierosielou


I am absolutely loving the book Looking for Alibrandi at the moment and I think it wins first place for best cover, seriously though, how cute is it ?! And I haven't actually started reading Auggie and me yet, but Wonder ( the first book ) is my absolute favourite read, so I am looking forward to starting this ! 

I am also loving the fact that I will be heading to Sydney soon to see my beautiful bestie, Ella, cannot wait !

Thanks for reading and don't forget to enter my Kawaii box giveaway, link in the previous post ! 

What are you loving lately ? comment below 

India Xx 


  1. Does Ella still post on her blog? Or is she taking a blogging break?

    1. Hi Elsa, I think Ella is taking a little blogging break for now. Isn't her blog just wonderful ?! xx