Hello everyone !! 

Happy November ! I have had such a great week , Trick or Treating, writing poetry, listening to jazz and this week I found out that  I made it into art and design excellence at my high school ! Such a thrill - Yay . 

I have been feeling super inspired so, I wanted to share in one of my regular posts some of the inspiring Instagram accounts that I am loving at the moment.

 Instagram has such a fun community and such interesting and inspiring content.  Another aspect of Instagram that I absolutely love, is that you can meet friends using it . I have met so many friends through Instagram, including my pen pal And best friend Ella, the cool Rosie and Stella and the talented Zali and Poppy and so many others. What a wonderful place ! 

So, since Instagram is so inspiringly wonderful, I am going to share with you some accounts that are definitely the cats pyjamas . 

Here's the first one : 


I love Kitiya's bright, fun and crafty feed . 

Another of my faves : 


@studiodiy is so cheery and creative, but seriously how awesome are her Halloween costumes ?!?!

Another cute one : 


Sam has such a cute feed with the best walls !! So cool . 

Here's another great account : 


I LOVE Michelle's Instagram page ! She is the author of one of my favourite books, Snail Mail ! Michelle posts the snail mail sent to her which is also featured in her book . Give her a follow . 

Lucky last : 


This account is so cute !! I need all of these awesome walls ! Give @thecraftedlife a follow, for super cool inspiration. 

Thank you for reading this weeks post ! 

What Instagram accounts are currently inspiring you ?

Be sure to check out my Instagram account ( it's @indiakitty ! ) 

India X x 


  1. Great post India! I checked out aww.sam and I loved it from the second I looked at it.

    1. I know!! Her instagram is so colourful and cute! xx