Hi Kitty Readers !

This week my best friend Ella came from Sydney to stay with me . We have a wonderful friendship which started on Instagram, we started out as pen pals (we still are) and I just love talking to Ella, writing Ella letters and of course seeing her . I have known Ella for around 2 years and we get along so well . This was only our third time meeting each other ! 

Here is a snapshot of what we did: 

Ella and I went to a kawaii photo booth, and we had so much fun posing and editing the photos ! We loved the result . 

Ella and I also enjoyed peaceful walks on the beach ( and a little bit of Messina Gelato ) ! 

Whenever we meet we take Polaroids together for cute memories . Here are some that we took this year . 

This is Ella and I walking through the city with a bag filled with our kawaii photo booth pictures. We also did a quick dash to our two favourite stores, Kikki K and Gorman.

When besties meet they like to stroll along the beach and do acro !

Ella and I love the bright Golden Breed surf wall at Byron Bay !  

We had such a great time. Crafting, eating vegan food, watching Catbug, swimming, shopping and talking, we can talk for hours !

Thanks for reading this weeks post ! 

What do you like to do with your best friend ? Do you have a pen pal ?

India X x 


  1. I don't have a pen pal but fortunately I do have friends! :) we usually go down the beach for a swim or a walk or on a bushwalk.

  2. I love my friends! India, does Ella still post on her blog?

    1. Hi Tara, Ella has a few new fantastic posts up

  3. You guys are friendship goalssssss

    1. btw u are so much shorter than her xd but still SO BEAUTIFUL ! btw where did u get the magnets for ur polaroid pics???


    2. Thank you !! Ella is such a wonderful friend. my magnets are from Typo, Kikki.K and kmart xo