Inspiring Instagram

Hi Kitty Readers ! 

I just love Instagram, I have met so many kind and inspiring people, including Ella, Rosie, Stella, Zali, Poppy, Hannah, Xanthe, Delany, Daisy, and Harper, who have all become great friends of mine through Instagram. 

Instagram also has some other inspiring, fun accounts, and I'll share a few of my new favourites with you !!


This account is so bright and cheery, you should give Katie a follow !!


Margaret's photos are incredible, and I adore her flatlays, you should go have a look at her wonderful photos.


Speaking of flatlays, I adore this account of beautiful flatlays put together from other accounts, so lovely !


I lovvvveee Sam's account so much, the brightness in her account is so inspiring.


I have been following Quincy the pup for a while now, and I adore him, he is sooooo cute !

If you were wondering, my Instagram ( above ) username is @indiakitty !

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you have a look at some of my fave Instagram accounts !!

Comment below what some of your favourite accounts are !!

India X x 


  1. Some of my favourite instagram accounts are: @awkwardalpaca, @misszaliblog, @princesslunachic, @hello_greta, @everythingaprilblog, @missbellablog and of course, @indiakitty!
    Thanks for sharing your favourites!
    Brooke X.

    1. Hi Brooke !

      thanks so much for your comment, i love all of those instas too !

      India x x


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