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Hi Kitty Readers ! 

Since it's the Easter holidays, I have been getting up to a lot lately . Here's a few fun things that have happened so far in the  holidays ! 


I always like to do my nails in holiday time, because i'm not allowed nail polish at school ! I did little cats ! 

Mum and Dad are back ! 

My mum and dad recently spent 4 weeks overseas and they came back on Easter Sunday ! I missed them so much ! Here are some of the  postcards that they sent home. They went to amazing places including Paris, London, Iceland, Marrakech and The Faroe Islands.

Here are some of the things that they brought back for me ! 

Danda lollies

Recently I went to DanDa (a $2.80 Japanese shop just like Daiso) and bought these adorable Poko and Peko lollies! And the tin is cute too .

What have you been getting up to lately ?

Thanks for reading ! 

India X x 

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